Session 1.2 Posters (Monday AM)

Session 1.2 Posters

Location (2nd floor of hotel):  Berkeley (Posters 1-10), Swannanoa (Posters 11-28), Victoria (Posters 29-46)

Posters Monday AM
EntryTitlePresenter First NamePresenter Last NameAffiliationAbstract
1.2.3Capsule Backlighter Optimization for the OMEGA Opacity ExperimentsAhmedElshafieyLANL
1.2.4Calibration and characterisation of optical and x-ray streak cameras using a Ti:Sapphire laser systemRoryPenmanAWE
1.2.5Implications of neutron-induced cable backgrounds for high-flux, Fusion Energy-relevant experimentsShaunKerrLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1.2.6Design of the Imaging Neutral Particle Analyzer (INPA) to enhance the Understanding of Fast Ion Confinement and Transport in the Large Helical Device (LHD)WorathatPaenthongThe Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI
1.2.7First Result for X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer (XICS) Diagnostic on HL-3 tokamakXiaolongZhangSouthwestern Institute of Physics, Chengdu, China
1.2.8Primary Results of Scintillator-based Imaging Neutral Particle Analyzer in HL-2A and Design for HL-3 TokamakLimingYuSouthwestern Institute of Physics
1.2.9Optimal Termination of a Maximum Likelihood Algorithm for Penumbral Image ReconstructionYuduoLiuLaboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester
1.2.10A compact D-T neutron spectrometer based on a single-crystal chemical vapor deposition diamond stack for fusion plasma diagnosticLongyongLiaoThe Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI
1.2.11Scintillating-Fiber Detector for High-Time-Resolved Secondary D-T Neutron Measurement in KSTARKunihiroOgawaNational Institute for Fusion Science
1.2.12High-repetition-rate dual-channel x-ray spectrometer for high-intensity laser-plasma experimentsGhassanZeraouliColorado State University
1.2.13The motional Stark effect polarimeter in the HL-3 tokamakWen JinCHENSouthwestern Institute of Physics
1.2.14Calculation of heat flux as well as its distribution on lower divertor target using a high resolution infrared camera diagnostic in EASTDahuanZhuInstitute of Plasma Physics, HPFIPS, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1.2.15Development of an atomic spectra research platform based on medium-energy electron beam ion trapHuajianJiUniversity of Science and Technology of China
1.2.16Collection optics of JT-60SA edge Thomson scattering diagnosticFederico AntonioD'IsaConsorzio RFX (CNR, ENEA, INFN, University of Padova, Acciaierie Venete SpA), Stati Uniti 4, 35127 Padova, Italy
1.2.17Developing a generalized NLTE spectral ML model for HED applicationsMarc-AndreSchaeubleSandia National Laboratories
1.2.18Study of a Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic for the Divertor Tokamak Test facilityWilliamBinConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) - Italy
1.2.19Variation of NIF Image Reconstruction Algorithms and FeaturesCabotCullenLos Alamos National Laboratory
1.2.20DIII-D Thomson Scattering Horizontal Beam Path UpgradesFentonGlassGeneral Atomics
1.2.212 μs linear frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) reflectometry for measuring plasma density profile fluctuationsSeong-HeonSeoKorea Institute of fusion energy
1.2.22Quantum Noise Correlation Analysis to Measure Ion TemperatureDanielDen HartogUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
1.2.23Millimeter-Wave, High-k Collective Scattering Diagnostic Development on the EAST TokamakXianziLiuUniversity of California Davis
1.2.24Machine Learning-based Method to Unfold X-ray Spectra from Filter Stack SpectrometersMarianaAlvarado AlvarezLos Alamos National Laboratory
1.2.25Progress towards absolute calibrations of DC x-ray sources from 1 keV to >30 keV for Z diagnostics applicationsTimothyWebbSandia National Laboratories
1.2.26Targeted Reflectivity Measurement at Specified Locations on SiC First Mirror for ITER divertor VUV spectrometerYoo KwanKimKorea Institute of Fusion Energy
1.2.27PiMiX for ICF applicationsZhehuiWangLos Alamos National Laboratory
1.2.28Improvement of DIII-D Divertor Thomson Scattering Measurement Through Stray Light ReductionFabioContiGeneral Atomics
1.2.29EUROfusion Diagnostic Enhancements, R&D and scientific exploitation in support of ITER research plan prioritiesJoaoFigueiredoEUROfusion
1.2.30Validation of delay dispersion extrapolation for Coherence Imaging SpectroscopyValeriaPerseoMax Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
1.2.31Progress and challenges in the design of ITER's Polarimetric Thomson Scattering diagnostic systemFilippoBagnatoITER Organization
1.2.32Mechanical Design of the Proton Trajectory Assay - Recoil Telescope (PAJARITO) for Sandia Z Pulsed Power FacilityTanaMorrowLos Alamos National Laboratory
1.2.33Determination of MeV x-ray spectra from filter stack spectrometer dataChun-ShangWongLos Alamos National Laboratory
1.2.35Data Streaming Infra-Red Video Bolometer (IRVB) of Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR)SeungtaeOhKFE
1.2.36Measuring mix in ICF implosions using narrowband crystal imagingGarethHallLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1.2.37Experimental results from W diverter from X-ray Imaging Crystal Spectrometer on KSTARSang GonLeeKorea Institute of Fusion Energy
1.2.38Towards a Multi-GHz Ionizing Particle Precision DiagnosticBruceSchummUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
1.2.39A Chlorine based scintillator (LaCl3) for 2.5 MeV neutron spectroscopy in deuterium nuclear fusion plasmasDavideRigamontiInstitute for Plasma Science and Technology, National Research Council of Italy, Milan, Italy
1.2.40Development of Ultra-Short Pulse Reflectometry on the EAST TokamakXiaoliangLiuc davis
1.2.41Measuring electron density with a OpGaAs based high-power IR dispersion interferometerVincentCarratBertin Technologies
1.2.42Compact and remote automation of motional Stark effect in-vessel calibrationsJinseokKoKorea Institute of Fusion Energy
1.2.43Optimization of fast-ion diagnostic sets in tokamaks and stellarators using diagnostic weight functionsDmitryMoseevMax-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik
1.2.44Development of extreme ultraviolet detector for plasma spectroscopy diagnosticsSunBoInstitute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China
1.2.45SPARC’s Approach to a Foil Activation System for Neutron Fluence MeasurementsIanHolmesCommonwealth Fusion Systems