Session 2.2 Posters (Tuesday AM)

Session 2.2 Posters

Session Chair:  TBD

Location (2nd floor of hotel):  Berkeley (Posters 1-15), Swannanoa (Posters 16-30), Victoria (Posters 31-45)

Posters Tuesday AM
EntryTitlePresenter First NamePresenter Last NameAffiliationAbstract
2.2.1A correlation-ECE system in D-band emission on LHD for measuring electron temperature fluctuationMingzhengGongthe University of Tokyo
2.2.2Development of a Full Aperture Backscatter System for the Orion LaserPhillipThomasAWE plc
2.2.3Reducing uncertainties of Thomson scattering measurements based on multi-passband polychromator optical filtersWayneGoodmanUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
2.2.4Neutronics Simulations supporting the Design of Neutron Flux Monitors in SPARCXinyanWangMassachusetts Institute of Technology
2.2.5Design of a multi-pulse Thomson scattering system for the SMART tokamakManjitKaurPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
2.2.6Fast-ion D-alpha diagnostic with a tangential view on HL-2A tokamakHangyuZHOUSouthwestern Institute of Physics
2.2.73D-track extraction from fluorescent nuclear track detector by machine learning and application for diagnostics of laser-driven ionFukaNikaidoGraduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
2.2.8Self-radiometric calibration solution for tokamak's optical diagnosticsDavidAnthoineBertin Technologies
2.2.9ECE calibration with Thomson scattering using a wide scan of toroidal magnetic field of KSTARKyu-DongLeeKorea Institute of Fusion Energy
2.2.10High Speed and High-Resolution Visible Spectroscopy for SPARCAaronRosenthalCommonwealth Fusion Systems
2.2.11Design solutions for the hodoscope of the magnetic proton recoil neutron spectrometer of the SPARC tokamakMarcoDalla RosaUniversity of Milano-Bicocca
2.2.12Role of radiation re-absorption in the Thermal Helium Beam diagnosticMargheritaUgolettiISTP-CNR
2.2.13Development of a measuring technique based on JET DTE2 experience for assessing fusion power at ITER during DT operation using the radial gamma-ray spectrometerGiuliaMarcerUniversity of Milano-Bicocca
2.2.14Feasibility Study for a Vertical Viewing Electron Cyclotron Emission Diagnostic for the JT-60SA TokamakTokihikoTokuzawaNational Institute for Fusion Science
2.2.15Design of a 60GHz Collective Thomson Scattering diagnostic systemJinlinXieDepartment of Plasma Physics and Fusion Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China
2.2.16A terahertz solid-state diode source Interferometer-Polarimeter designed for long pulse discharges on EASTSHOUXINWANGInstitute of plasma physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2.2.17A fast spectral decomposition procedure for collective Thomson scattering based on Artificial Neural NetworksJingshuoZhangUniversity of Science and Technology of China
2.2.18An octahedral Mach-Bdot probe for 3D flows in the edge of RFPsConstanceRoudaUniversity of Wisconsin
2.2.19Development of Synthetic Diagnostics for SPARCIvanaAbramovicCommonwealth Fusion Systems
2.2.20Performance Validation of the ITER XRCS-Core using Prototype Laboratory TestsLanGaoPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
2.2.21Characterization of plasma parameters and neutral particles in Microwave and Radio Frequency discharges in the TOMAS deviceLuis DanielLópez RodríguezLaboratory for Plasma Physics of the Ecole Royale Militaire / Koninklijke Militaire School (LPP-ERM/KMS)
2.2.22Opto-mechanical design and performance evaluation of collection optics in 2D beam emission spectroscopy on Wendelstein 7-XXiangHanUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
2.2.23Edge Scanning Reflectometry for Density Profile Measurement on SPARCYijunLinMIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
2.2.24SPARC X-ray diagnostics: technical and functional overviewDidierVEZINETCommonWealth Fusion Systems
2.2.25Design and development of the magnetic diagnostic systems for the first operational phase of the SMART tokamak.FernandoPuentes-del PozoPlasma Science and Fusion Technology group, University of Seville, Spain
2.2.26A Tensioned 2D Wire Calorimeter for Neutral Beam Profile Measurements on LTX-βWilliamCapecchiUniversity of Wisconsin- Madison
2.2.27Design of NSTX-U Radial Interferometer-PolarimeterJieChenUCLA
2.2.29Sensitivity of motional Stark effect on different beam energy components for radial electric field measurements in tokamak plasmasJuyoungKoKorea Institute of Fusion Energy
2.2.30Electrical Design of FIDDLE at the NIF – Requirements, Design, and PerformancePeterNyholmLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2.2.31Initial Tests utilizing the Z-Petawatt laser for Performing nTOF Impulse Response MeasurementsGordonChandlerSandia National Laboratories
2.2.32Design of a Multichannel Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy System for SPARCInwooSongCommonwealth Fusion Systems
2.2.33HRXS - a new High Resolution X-ray Spectrometer for LMJBenjaminVauzourCEA
2.2.35Soft X-Ray Tomography on the High Field Spherical Tokamak ST40CaryColganTokamak Energy Ltd
2.2.36Validation of Predictive Performance Models for Ultrafast, Supersonic Gas Jets at the LLEKyleMcMillenUniversity of Rochester's Laboratory for Laser Energetics
2.2.37Design of a spectrometric detector unit for the SPARC neutron cameraJohnBallMIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
2.2.38A New Synthetic Correlation ECE Diagnostic for Validating Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations of Electron Temperature Turbulence on DIII-DGuidingWangUCLA
2.2.39Simulation of Neutron Spectra from Volume Ignition TargetsZoranPesicFirst Light Fusion Ltd
2.2.40Source Reconstruction via Neutron Imaging and Machine LearningGarySaavedraLos Alamos National Laboratory
2.2.41First Measurements of Energetic Protons in MAST-UpgradeAshganAboutalebFlorida International University
2.2.42Interpretation of Impurity Collector Probes in DIII-D is Enhanced by the Utilization of Synthetic Diagnostics and Boundary Plasma ModelingDavidDonovanUniversity of Tennessee-Knoxville
2.2.43Applicability of Alkali Beam Emission Spectroscopy on NSTX-UMateLampertPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
2.2.44Measurements of the Thomson scattered spectrum for low-temperature plasmas in the presence of high background visible laser lightTheodoreBiewerOak Ridge National Laboratory
2.2.45Power Broadening Effects in Pulsed Laser-Induced FluorescenceKateyStevensonWest Virginia University