Session 2.4 Posters (Tuesday PM)

Session 2.4 Posters

Session Chair:  TBD

Location (2nd floor of hotel):  Berkeley (Posters 1-15), Swannanoa (Posters 16-30), Victoria (Posters 31-45)

Posters Tuesday PM
EntryTitlePresenter First NamePresenter Last NameAffiliationAbstract
2.4.1Optical multiplexing of time-domain signals for ICFCarlWildeLANL
2.4.4Development of the neutral gas diagnostic system for neutral pressure measurements and gas analysis on the SPARC tokamakEllaFox-WiddowsCommonwealth Fusion Systems
2.4.5A Spectrally and Temporally Resolved Optical Pyrometer for Measurements of Optical Self-Emission and Reflectometry on OMEGA EPNeelKabadiUniversity of Rochester
2.4.6Design considerations for an electron-positron-proton spectrometer applicable for high repetition laser plasma experimentsEricFolsomLawrence Livermore National Lab
2.4.8Performance predictions of the SPARC x-ray crystal spectrometers for ion temperature and toroidal rotation measurementsConorPerksMIT PSFC
2.4.9Flash X-ray Radiography for Measuring Density Profiles of Plasma Plumes Created by Intense Relativistic Electron BeamsShoweraHaqueNevada National Security Sites
2.4.10Estimating neutron down-scattered fraction by utilizing neutron-time-of-flight data for direct-drive cryogenic implosions on the OMEGA laserDhrumirPatelDept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester
2.4.11Improvements to the Calibration of Agfa X-Ray Film for Use on Opacity Spectroscopy DiagnosticsAnnabellePetersonNevada National Security Sites
2.4.12Current Techniques in Photographic Sensitometery for ICFJosephCowanLos Alamos National labs
2.4.15Quantifying the Effects of Neutron Fluence on Proton Detection in CR-39LuluRussellMassachusetts Institute of Technology Plasma Science and Fusion Center
2.4.17A new mm-wave emission diagnostic to probe non-ECE plasma radiation at the DIII-D tokamakKshitishBaradaUniversity of California Los Angeles
2.4.19Improving the accuracy of ECE mapping of electron temperature measurements on DIII DMaxAustinUniversity of Texas
2.4.21Self-emission Shape Analysis of Charged Particle Source for Warm Dense Matter Stopping Power MeasurementsTimothyCoffmanLos Alamos National Laboratory
2.4.23First LIA measurements of a gated non-invasive beam spot size diagnosticEvanScottNevada National Security Sites
2.4.24Reconstruction of SXR emission in MAST UpgradeBrianStewardDurhm University, Department of Physics, Durham DH1 3LE, United Kingdom
2.4.25Classifying divertor detachment using a machine learning model trained on divertor camera images from DIII-DBrianVictorLLNL
2.4.26Nuclear Imaging System Design at the National Ignition FacilityJustinJorgensonLos Alamos National Laboratory
2.4.27Determination of the response for the National Ignition Facility Particle Time Of Flight (PTOF) detector using Single Particle CountingYousefLawrenceMIT PSFC
2.4.28Development of a Compact Magnetic Spectrometer for use at OMEGA and the National Ignition FacilityJacobPearcyMassachusetts Institute of Technology
2.4.29Integrated reflectivity measurements for Acid Phthalate crystals used in the NIF Opacity Spectrometer (OpSpec)EricDutraNevada National Security Sites
2.4.30Absolute instrument responses and validation of calibration methods for bent crystal-based x-ray spectrometersMaylisDozieres-AybarGeneral Atomics
2.4.31X-point passive Balmer Alpha Spectroscopy System for DIII-DShaunHaskeyPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
2.4.32Real Time Data Processing Method with a Lock-in Amplifier Module for CO2 Dispersion Interferometer on EASTYuanYaoInstitute of Plasma Physics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2.4.33Modeling of measurement uncertainties for x-ray radiograph analysisTinaEbertLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2.4.34Current status of Fast-ion D-Alpha (FIDA) Diagnostic System in Large Helical DeviceYasukoKawamotoNational Institute for Fusion Science, National Institutes of Natural Sciences
2.4.35Advancements in UV spectroscopy for temporally- and spatially-resolved plasma-wall interaction and impurity studies in the DIII-D tokamakDavidEnnisAuburn University
2.4.36Modeling of the ECE radiation from non-Maxwellian electrons on DIII-DGuanyingYuUniversity of California Davis
2.4.37Precise Characterization of Radiochromic Film and CR-39 to Monoenergetic X-RaysBrandanBuschmannMassachusetts Institute of Technology
2.4.38Testing the optical components for the NIF time-resolved soft x-ray opacity spectrometer (OpSpecTR)MatthewWallaceNevada National Security Site
2.4.39Nonlinear light-output calibration of the OMEGA xylene detectors used to take measurements of neutron time-of-flight data from inertial confinement fusion implosionsJordanMartinezLaboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester
2.4.40The development of the diamagnetic loop for estimating the plasma stored energy in the KAIMIR magnetic mirror deviceMingiChoeKAIST
2.4.41All-in-one probe for exploring self-organized two-fluid equilibria in tokamak/RFP plasmasHaruhikoHimuraKyoto Institute of Technology, Department of Electronics
2.4.42Radiochemical Diagnosis of Double Shell Capsule ImplosionsStevenBathaLos Alamos National Laboratory
2.4.43Exploring Optimum CR-39 Etch Depths for Coincidence Counting AnalysisJoeVargasMIT
2.4.44Measurment of X-ray bremsstrahlung radiation from high energy electrons by stochastic acceleration experiment in Heliotron JRyogaYamatoGraduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto Univrsity
2.4.45The next-generation Magnetic Recoil Spectrometer (MRSnext) on OMEGA laser and the NIF for diagnosing ion temperature, yield, and areal densityChristopherWinkMassachusetts Institute of Technology