Session 4.2 Posters (Thursday AM)

Session 4.2 Posters

Session Chair:  TBD

Location (2nd floor of hotel):  Berkeley (Posters 1-15), Swannanoa (Posters 16-30), Victoria (Posters 31-45)

Posters Thursday AM
EntryTitlePresenter First NamePresenter Last NameAffiliationAbstract
4.2.14 kHz high-dynamic-range Thomson scattering on LM26SimonCoopGeneral Fusion
4.2.2Fast Photodiode Arrays for Monitoring Reconnection Dynamics in PHASMATomRoodWest Virginia University
4.2.3A Magnetic Diagnostic Suite for the Pegasus-III ExperimentJoshuaReuschUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
4.2.4Implementation of an Impurity Diagnostic Suite on the Pegasus-III ExperimentCuauhtemocRodriguez SanchezUW-Madison
4.2.5Design and Characterization of the Time Resolved Spectrometer (OPSpecTR) for the NIF Iron Opacity CampaignYekaterinaOpachichLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
4.2.6Excited state population modeling for entangled two-photon absorption and fluorescenceDavidSmithUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
4.2.8Development of Step Wedge Ensembles for Spectral Verification in Neutron Imaging SystemsEmilyMendozaLos Alamos National Laboratory
4.2.9Enhanced Efficiencies of Hard X-Ray Transmission Crystal Spectrometers by Utilizing Multiple Stacked CrystalsJohnSeelyNational Institue of Standards and Technology
4.2.11Development of Improved Higher-Order Correction for the NIF Opacity SpectrometerBryceHobbsThe University of Texas at Austin
4.2.13Quantifying x-ray diffraction with the FIDDLE diagnostic at NIFLaura RobinBenedettiLLNL
4.2.14Improvements on spectroscopic analysis code for spatially-resolved x-ray absorption data from the COAX platformDzaferCamdzicLos Alamos National Laboratory
4.2.15Diagnosing multi-ion-species plasmas through spatially resolved spectroscopy and collisional-radiative modelingAmeerMohammedPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
4.2.16The Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic for ITERElizabethFoleyNova Photonics, Inc.
4.2.17A Modular, High Dynamic Range Passive Neutron Dosimeter and Imaging DiagnosticThomasSchmidtLos Alamos National Lab
4.2.18Towards real-time measurement of isotope ratio and RF electric field with optical emission spectroscopyGilsonRonchiOak Ridge National Laboratory
4.2.20Wisconsin In Situ Penning (WISP) high brightness neutral partial pressure gauges installed at D3D and operated at W7-XKoleRakersUniversity of Wisconsin Madison
4.2.21Implementation of a Real-Time MSE SystemFredLevintonNova Photonics, Inc.
4.2.22Diagnostics for General Fusion’s LM26 MachineHenryGouldGeneral Fusion
4.2.23High resolution, sub-picosecond x-ray spectrometer for studying short pulse laser generated plasmaRonnieShepherdLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
4.2.24Upgrades to x-ray microcalorimeter fusion diagnostic to improve calibration, spectral bandwidth selection, and count rate adjustmentStephKubalaLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
4.2.25Al and W radiation survey to constrain ⟨Te⟩ and Te(r,t) measurement with adaptive muti-energy SXR diagnostics in MST and WESTLuisDelgado-AparicioPPPL
4.2.26Ultrafast laser-driven x-pinchesHeathLeFevreUniversity of Michigan
4.2.27A Poloidal High-k Scattering Diagnostic for NSTX-UCalvinDomierUniversity of California, Davis
4.2.28Diagnostic development and needs for laser driven MeV X-ray RadiographyDeanRusbyLawrence Livermore National Lab.
4.2.29Integration of Fixed-Frequency and FM-CW Reflectometers for Coincident Turbulence Measurements on LTX-βShigeyukiKubotaUniversity of California at Los Angeles, Department of Physics and Astronomy
4.2.30Development and Commissioning of the Tangential X-ray Crystal Spectrometer (XCS) on Aditya-U TokamakMalayChowdhuriInstitute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, India
4.2.31Progress on a High Throughput, Subpicosecond X-Ray Streak Tube Design for Laser-Plasma Interaction ExperimentsAnthonyRaymondLaboratory for Laser Energetics
4.2.32New Pulse Dilation System on the Gamma Reaction History DiagnosticHermannGeppert-KleinrathLos Alamos National Laboratory
4.2.33Overview of ITPA R&D Diagnostics Activities in Support of the ITER Research PlanDidierMazonCEA
4.2.34Development of a large field of view radiography capability for MagLIF preheat experiments on the Omega EP laser facilityMatthewGomezSandia National Laboratories
4.2.35Diverting current to drive an X-pinch for point projection radiography on the Z facilityHannahHassonSandia National Laboratories
4.2.36Rapid Calibration Plan for NIF’s Near Backscatter Imager (NBI)HenryMeyerLawrence Livermore National Laboratory
4.2.37Fast Neutron and Gamma Ray Scintillation from β-Ga2O3Ke-XunSunUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
4.2.38Assessment of the Calibration of the Scattered Light Time-history Diagnostic (SLTD) at the National Ignition FacilityStevenKostickUniversity of Rochester
4.2.39A real time diamond spectrometer for ion temperature profile measurements for the SPARC tokamak MarcoPetruzzoUniversità degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca
4.2.40Platform development towards ultra-intense laser-based simultaneous MeV x-ray and neutron multimodal radiographyFranziskaTreffertLawrence Livermore National Laboratory